Ray Hunt´s - Words of wisdom

• "The human is full of opinions but the horse is the truth."

• You need to do less sooner, you´re always doing too much, late.

• Don´t try to MAKE it happen. Get it ready and LET it happen.

• Think! Feel! Don´t forget the recesses, give your horse a break – reach out and rub his neck.

• Feel It! A fell following a feel. There´s no pressure mentally or physically.

• This is my body, my mind ..... maybe not yet, but one day.

• As time goes on, all the little things will fall into line. We should be adjusting to fit the horse. Fix it up and let it work. You can´t make it happen and you can´t put a time limit on it. You can just set it up to enable him to learn. Sometimes the slower you go, the faster you learn.

• Try to stay on the edge of trouble. If your horse starts to get really troubled back off and do less. That is so hard for human to do. Why ? They are afraid they have lost. Especially the cowboy. He wears a high-crown hat and high-heels boots and he´s a tough son-of-a-gun. So he´s not too apt to see what I´m talking about, he´s too tough. For the lady it´s a little easier for her because she´s going to wait until her husband gets back, so she´s going to back off a little bit. At that point if I could I would just pour a little bit of that woman into that man so he could back off a little bit. Then if I could just get her to be a little bit braver, than would be great but you can´t do that.

• The horse is very sensitive. He can feel a fly land on him. I know you all know this, because you put fly spray on your horses. He can feel a fly land on him, yet you´re tugging on him, pulling on him le he weights a million pounds. You´re not working with what nature give you, you´re DESTROYING what nature gave you.

• The horse is a mirror. It goes deep into the body. When I see your horse I see you too. It shows me everything you are, everything about the horse. I try to face life for what it is. There´s heartache, but it´s a good thing. I´m trying to save the horse´s life and your life too. The human is so good at war. He knows how to fight. But making peace, boy that´s the hardest thing for human. But one you start giving, you won´t believe how much you get back.

• Fell your horse. How does he make that bend ? Is he rigid ? Is he mellow ? Is he lazy ? There´s a lot of things going on in there if you’ll listen to him. We don´t notice near enough of the good things he does and while he´s doing those good things, we just take them for granted. We do way too much physically.